Style class vestnik2 for LaTeX2ε

version 2.1 (09/18/2016)


System requirements
Installation and usage
Full package conetent
Version history


Editorial stuff uses publishing system LaTeX and style class vestnik2 to make the journal “Ecological Bulletin of Scientific Centers of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation.” Authors submitting they manuscripts in LaTeX format for publication in the journal “Ecological Bulletin of the scientific centers of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation” should also use a style class vestnik2.

System requirements

  1. Any LaTeX2ε package:

    Style class vestnik2 uses macropackages ifthen, cmap, babel, fontenc, extsizes, amsmath, amssymb, amsthm, mathtext, textcomp, geometry, multicol, cite, indentfirst, caption, subcaption, fancyhdr, graphicx, epstopdf, rotating, tabularx.

  2. Any text editor that can edit and save the text in Unicode (UTF-8) or Windows Cyrillic (CP1251). It preferably to use free and paid editors specially designed to work with TeX files. For example, free TeX-editors:

    or paid TeX-editor:

Installation and usage

You need copy of the file vestnik2.cls in the folder with your manuscript file. As a template for writing, you can use one of the template file vestnik2-template.tex (Unicode UTF-8) or vestnik2-template1251.tex (Windows Cyrillic encoding CP1251).


It is recommended to download the files by clicking the right mouse button on the link. Then in the pop-up menu that appears, select “Save as…” (“Save link as…”). This method ensures that the correct files are saved in the correct encoding.

To fully prepare an manuscript for publication in the journal “Ecological Bulletin research centers of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation” can help guide vestnik2-guide.pdf (In Russian).

Full package conetent

vestnik2.cls style class vestnik2
vestnik2-template.tex template file (Unicode UTF-8)
vestnik2-template1251.tex template file (Windows Cyrillic encoding CP1251)
vestnik2-guide.tex sample article for vestnik2 (LaTeX2ε UTF-8 Encoding)
vestnik2-guide.pdf sample article for vestnik2 (PDF)
pictures for vestnik2-guide.tex
readme.txt readme file (Unicode UTF-8)
readme1251.txt readme file (Windows Cyrillic encoding CP1251)

Version history

2.1 2016/09/08 • The \authorinfo command. It can be used instead of the \inforus command, which is left for compatibility with previous version. One condition is that the commands \authorinfo and \inforus cannot be mixed in one article.
• Fixed ability to use environment proof for English-language articles
• The command \d to specify a roman style of the differential symbol after the integral symbol
2.0f 2015/02/26 Fix \bm command
2.0e 2014/10/06 New justification parameter Q{} for taburarx environment with left aligned text and width option
2.0d 2014/09/26 Minor bugs fixed
2.0c 2014/08/25 Fixed compatible with MikTeX 2.9
2.0 2014/08/15 Version 2.0 is not compatible with previous versions.
The main differences from the previous version:
• encoding of files is UTF-8 (Unicode) by default. To compile files in CP1251 (Windows Cyrillic) encoding need to specify the class option [cp1251]
• preparation of articles in English made possible (the class option [english])
• Renamed \title\titlerus, \refrus\briefrus, udkudc
• description of authors in Russian and English is fully changed (\authorrus, \inforus, \addressrus, \authoreng, \addresseng, \email)
• Support for extended abstracts and references for international abstract and citation databases (\annotationeng, \annotationrus, thereferences)
• command \grant is excluded. To specify the grants you can use command \thanks
• rarely used environments theorem, newthm, lemma, definition, remark, example excluded. Instead a new environment prop was defined
1.1 2008/01/12 Support for keywords (\keywordsrus, \keywordseng)
1.0 2006/02/01 Initial release


This package may be distributed and/or modified under the conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License, either version 1.3 of this license or any later version. The latest version of this license is in and version 1.3 or later is part of all distributions of LaTeX version 2005/12/01 or later.


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