Тезисы участников конференции

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Makarov K.N., Makarov N.K. Loads from waves of tsunami on marine hydraulic structures

Malovichko A.A. Development of North Caucasus seismological observational system

Pavlova A.V. To the methods of studying the physical and mechanical fields in the geological structures to determine the degree of seismic danger

Peresypkin E.N., Volkov A.N., Semyonov S.J. About regulations execution on safety of buildings and constructions in seismic countries

Peresypkin E.N., Yurchenko E.A., Yurchenko E.E. Experimental study of the model sections residential building of typical series 1-335AC under dynamic effects

Ranguelov Boyko Set-up and implementation of key core components of a regional early-warning system (EWS) for marine geohazards of risk to the Romanian--Bulgarian Black Sea costal area

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Yurchenko E.A., Yurchenko E.E. Durability of fencing and bearing structures modular building series 1-335AS under Sochi

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